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Four Spanish Words That English Really Needs

Spanish is a language spoken all over the world, in North America, South America, Europe, and hundreds of countries. It's estimated that over 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide. In schools in America, it's one of the most popular languages offered in schools.

But there are some words in Spanish that we don't have an English equivalent for. Words with deep, strong meanings that we cannot say as simply as they do.

1. Encantar

Encantar in English means multiple things. It is often used to express charm, extreme like, and sometimes love. In English there are six similar words: love, enchant, delight, charm, captivate and bewitch.

2. Tutear

Tutear is a way to address someone, but while it is not completely informal, it is not as formal as it could be. There is no real was to say this English at all, only a way to describe it.

3. Te Quiero

Te Quiero is an in-between phrase- it does not literally mean "I love you" (that's Te Amo), but it does not mean "I like you" either. The closest translations are "I really like you" or "I desire you".

4. Sobremesa

Sobremesa is a word used to describe the period of time after dinner where all the food is all gone, everyone has finished eating, but the conversation is still flowing, so no one leaves the table.

There are many of other words Spanish speakers know but cannot translate easily into English. Hopefully someday English speakers will have words similar to these words, and many more we can't easily explain.