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Very Useful Alternatives To Very

The word "very" is to be avoided as much as humanly possible, except in dialog. It's vague and lazy, and almost always better replaced with something more evocative. Here are some suggested replacements for you to use in your writing!


  • Very accurate: precise, exact, unimpeachable, perfect, flawless, correct
  • Very aggressive: forceful, overconfident, insistent, hardline
  • Very amazed: astounded, flabbergasted, astonished, shocked
  • Very angry: furious, irate, enraged, incensed, fuming, livid
  • Very anxious: dismayed, apprehensive, restless, fretful
  • Very aware: conscious, savvy, apprised, mindful, cognizant


  • Very basic: rudimentary, primary, fundamental, simple
  • Very beautiful: gorgeous, stunning, exquisite, magnificent
  • Very big: colossal, enormous, gigantic, gargantuan, massive, vast, immense, sizeable, important, urgent, weighty, powerful, prominent, difficult, complicated, adult, grown up, generous, inflated, great
  • Very bloody: gory, brutal, barbarous, savage, murderous
  • Very bony: skeletal, angular, spindly, gaunt, emaciated
  • Very boring: tedious, dreary, uninteresting, mind-numbing
  • Very bright: brilliant, dazzling, radiant, blinding, intense


  • Very capable: efficient, competent, adept, proficient, skillful
  • Very careful: meticulous, fastidious, precise, scrupulous
  • Very caring: compassionate, kind, attentive, sympathetic
  • Very civil: polite, courteous, respectful, cultured, mannerly
  • Very clean: spotless, immaculate, stainless, shining, hygienic
  • Very clear: transparent, sheer, translucent, glassy, crystal
  • Very clever: astute, brilliant, shrewd, ingenious, crafty, sharp
  • Very cold: freezing, icy, frozen, frigid, bitter, glacial, frosty, polar
  • Very colorful: vibrant, vivid, kaleidoscopic, variegated, vivid
  • Very competitive: ambitious, driven, cutthroat, bloodthirsty
  • Very concerned: worried, troubled, upset, distressed, agitated
  • Very confident: poised, cool, self-assured, self-reliant, secure
  • Very confused: baffled, befuddled, mystified, clueless, dazed
  • Very conscious: deliberate, intentional, premeditated, willful
  • Very consistent: constant, unfailing, uniform, harmonious, same
  • Very contrary: belligerent, argumentative, confrontational
  • Very conventional: conservative, common, predictable, unoriginal, traditional
  • Very corrupt: fraudulent, crooked, unethical, dishonest, rotten
  • Very creamy: velvety, buttery, rich, smooth, milky, greasy
  • Very creepy: unnerving, skin-crawling, spooky, sinister, weird
  • Very critical: vital, crucial, essential, indispensable, integral
  • Very crunchy: crispy, brittle, crackling, gravelly, crusty, gritty
  • Very curious: inquisitive, nosy, prying, snoopy, quizzical
  • Very cute: adorable, endearing, delightful, pretty, charming, lovable, lovely, attractive


  • Very dangerous: perilous, precarious, unsafe, treacherous, dicey
  • Very dark: black, inky, ebony, sooty, lightless, starless, unlit
  • Very decent: civilized, upright, courteous, respectable, noble
  • Very deep: abysmal, bottomless, cavernous, yawning, vast
  • Very deformed: twisted, contorted, misshapen, mutilated
  • Very delicate: subtle, slight, fragile, frail, flimsy, insubstantial
  • Very desperate: frantic, fraught, grave, serious, hopeless, dire
  • Very determined: resolute, adamant, obstinate, tenacious, dogged
  • Very different: unusual, distinctive, atypical, dissimilar, unlike
  • Very difficult: complicated, complex, demanding, arduous
  • Very dirty: filthy, foul, grimy, polluted, squalid, dilapidated
  • Very disagreeable: contrary, obnoxious, offensive, repugnant, rude
  • Very dismal: miserable, cheerless, depressing, morbid
  • Very distinct: clear, definite, patent, evident, apparent
  • Very dramatic: theatrical, histrionic, melodramatic, vivid
  • Very dry: arid, parched, sere, dehydrated, withered
  • Very dubious: suspicious, skeptical, cynical, unconvinced


  • Very eager: impatient, ardent, fervent, keen, earnest
  • Very easy: effortless, uncomplicated, unchallenging, simple
  • Very educational: enlightening, edifying, informative, revealing
  • Very efficient: competent, proficient, resourceful, able
  • Very embarrassed: mortified, humiliated, discomfited, ashamed
  • Very emotional: demonstrative, sensitive, temperamental
  • Very enthusiastic: zealous, eager, fervent, vehement, ebullient
  • Very exciting: exhilarating, electrifying, thrilling, breathtaking
  • Very expensive: costly, exorbitant, overpriced, extravagant


  • Very fair: equitable, impartial, neutral, nonpartisan
  • Very faithful: loyal, devoted, staunch, unwavering, stalwart
  • Very familiar: common, established, typical, traditional
  • Very famous: renowned, eminent, legendary, celebrated
  • Very far: distant, remote, isolated, secluded, extrasolar
  • Very fast: rapid, speedy, swift, rapid, swift, fleet, blistering, supersonic
  • Very fat: obese, corpulent, overweight, plump
  • Very fertile: prolific, productive, fruitful, rich, lush, fecund
  • Very few: meager, scarce, scant, limited, negligible
  • Very fierce: vicious, ferocious, savage, keen, intense, feral
  • Very firm: solid, hard, rigid, set, frozen, unyielding
  • Very fizzy: effervescent, frothy, foamy, sudsy
  • Very fluffy: downy, fuzzy, fleecy, feathery, cottony
  • Very fond: devoted, attentive, enamored, doting
  • Very fragile: tenuous, unstable, precarious, frail, delicate
  • Very friendly: gregarious, outgoing, chummy, demonstrative
  • Very frustrating: exasperating, infuriating, disheartening, vexing
  • Very full: overflowing, bursting, crammed, packed, sated
  • Very funny: hilarious, hysterical, sidesplitting, rollicking


  • Very good: superb, superior, excellent, outstanding
  • Very graceful: flowing, supple, lithe, willowy, lissome
  • Very greedy: gluttonous, avaricious, materialistic, insatiable


  • Very hairy: hirsute, shaggy, furry, bushy, unshaven
  • Very happy: ecstatic, overjoyed, euphoric, blissful, elated
  • Very hard to find: rare, hidden
  • Very hard: difficult, solid, tough, dense, involved, puzzling, exhausting, harsh, strict, stubborn
  • Very healthy: hale, hardy, flourishing, fit, robust, vigorous
  • Very heavy: leaden, ponderous, weighty, dense, hefty
  • Very helpful: supportive, obliging, accommodating, invaluable
  • Very high: soaring, towering, steep, lofty, elevated, extreme, acute, great, strong. violent, significant
  • Very honest: candid, sincere, authentic, forthright, frank
  • Very hot: burning, scalding, blistering, scorching, searing
  • Very huge: colossal, enormous, gigantic, gargantuan, massive, vast, immense, sizeable, important, urgent, weighty, powerful, prominent, difficult, complicated, adult, grown up, generous, inflated, great
  • Very hungry: starving, famished, ravenous, hollow, voracious
  • Very hurt: battered, injured, harmed, wounded, upset, distressed, saddened, suffering, woeful, troubled, pained, offended


  • Very ill: infirm, bedridden, frail, terminal, incurable
  • Very immature: childish, infantile, naive, jejune, callow, green
  • Very immoral: depraved, decadent, debauched, iniquitous
  • Very important: crucial, vital, essential, paramount, imperative
  • Very impressive: extraordinary, remarkable, awe-inspiring
  • Very inebriated: intoxicated, drunk, soused, smashed, plastered
  • Very informal: casual, unceremonious, easygoing, simple
  • Very intelligent: brainy, clever, bright, gifted, intellectual, astute
  • Very intense: severe, extreme, fierce, overpowering, acute
  • Very interesting: fascinating, remarkable, riveting, compelling


  • Very jealous: envious, resentful, grudging, green, bitter
  • Very juicy: succulent, moist, ripe, luscious, fleshy, syrupy


  • Very large: colossal, enormous, gigantic, gargantuan, massive, vast, immense, sizeable, weighty, inflated, considerable, substantial, abundant, serious, huge, humongous, mammoth
  • Very lavish: excessive, opulent, posh, luxurious, sumptuous
  • Very lazy: indolent, idle, slack, workshy, passive
  • Very light: buoyant, insubstantial, weightless, airy, ethereal
  • Very likely: expected, imminent, probable, unavoidable
  • Very little: tiny, minute, slight, petite, miniature, teeny, initmate, close, young, immature, juvenile, minor, trivial, petty, foolish, stupid, meagre, scant, limited, insufficient, sparse, compact, short, miniscule, microscopic, wee
  • Very lively: energetic, vivacious, exuberant, spirited
  • Very logical: rational, cogent, credible, consistent, sound
  • Very lonely: isolated, deserted, forlorn, solitary, abandoned
  • Very long: extended, extensive, interminable, protracted
  • Very loose: slack, hanging, relaxed, baggy, wobbly, unsecured, movable, promiscuous, wanton, debauched, immoral, vague, random
  • Very loud: thunderous, cacophonous, booming, deafening, rowdy, ear splitting, garish, flashy, ostentatious, vulgar, boisterous
  • Very loved: adored, precious, cherished, revered, beloved
  • Very lucky: charmed, blessed, favored, fortunate, fluky


  • Very mean: cruel, miserly, stingy, tight fisted, spiteful, unfriendly, churlish, malicious, sour, excellent, outstanding, masterly, exceptional
  • Very messy: slovenly, disorganized, grubby, dirty, shambolic, chaotic, dishevelled, rumpled, unkempt, confusing
  • Very moody: morose, temperamental, unstable, changeable
  • Very much so: of course, okay, yes, absolutely, precisely
  • Very much: plenty, oceans, heaps, scads, oodles, loads
  • Very musical: melodic, melodious, harmonious, dulcet


  • Very near: handy, close-by, alongside, convenient, nearby
  • Very neat: immaculate, orderly, well-kept, methodical, superb
  • Very necessary: essential, compulsory, requisite, mandatory, inevitable, inescapable, certain
  • Very negative: pessimistic, defeatist, cynical, critical, fatalistic
  • Very nervous: apprehensive, anxious, edgy, tense, uptight, flustered, worried
  • Very new: novel, innovative, fresh, original, cutting-edge
  • Very nice: kind, pleasant, delightful, agreable, charming, enjoyable, obliging, friendly, amiable, polite, couteous
  • Very noisy: deafening, thunderous, booming, blaring, cacophonous, rowdy, ear splitting, boisterous
  • Very numerous: abundant, copious, myriad, profuse


  • Very obvious: apparent, clear, evident, plain, visible
  • Very occasionally: seldom, rarely, infrequently, sporadically
  • Very often: frequently, regularly, commonly, repeatedly, habitually, continually
  • Very old: ancient, elderly, mature, venerable, antiquated, decayed, rickety, shabby, outdated, established, traditional, original, primitive, seasoned, vintage, enduring
  • Very open: transparent, frank, sincere, honest, candid, truthful, clear, plain, welcoming, responsive, amenable, exposed, vulnerable, undefended
  • Very opinionated: dogmatic, cocksure, biased, partisan
  • Very optimistic: enthusiastic, buoyant, encouraged, positive


  • Very painful: excruciating, agonizing, searing, unbearable, distressing, harrowing
  • Very pale: white, pallid, ashen, sallow, colorless, pasty
  • Very persuasive: convincing, believable, compelling, charming
  • Very pleasant: satisfying, fulfilling, rewarding, gratifying
  • Very poor: destitute, impoverished, broke, penniless, indigent, unlucky, hapless, wretched
  • Very popular: trendy, fashionable, admired, prevalent
  • Very positive: optimistic, upbeat, affirmative, constructive
  • Very powerful: compelling, influential, commanding, authoritative, mighty, vigorous, effective
  • Very practical: realistic, sensible, functional, doable, viable
  • Very presentable: shipshape, well-groomed, tidy, personable
  • Very pretty: beautiful, attractive, appealing, fetching, stunning
  • Very pure: unadulterated, wholesome, pristine, clean


  • Very quick: rapid, speedy, swift, rapid, swift, fleet, blistering, supersonic
  • Very quiet: hushed, muted, faint, whispered, muffled, inaudible, peaceful, silent, noiseless, still, soundless


  • Very rainy: pouring, downpour, deluge
  • Very rare: scarce, sparse, unique, exceptional, peerless
  • Very realistic: genuine, credible, authentic, rational, true
  • Very reasonable: equitable, judicious, sensible, practical, fair
  • Very recent: the latest, current, fresh, up-to-date
  • Very relevant: germane, pertinent, appropriate, significant
  • Very religious: spiritual, devout, pious, fervent, dedicated
  • Very responsible: dependable, conscientious, reliable, steadfast
  • Very rich: wealthy, affluent, loaded, well off, properous, full bodied, tasty, creamy, luscious, succulent, luxurious
  • Very risky: perilous, hazardous, treacherous, precarious, dangerous, tricky, uncertain, fraught
  • Very roomy: spacious, expansive, vast, palatial, commodious
  • Very rough: coarse, jagged, rugged, craggy, gritty, broken
  • Very rowdy: boisterous, disorderly, raucous, unruly, wild
  • Very rude: vulgar, insolent, offensive, derogatory, boorish


  • Very sad: sorrowful, unhappy, depressed, sombre, dejected, upsetting, poignant, harrowing, pitiable, terrible, miserable, pathetic, wretched, disconsolate, desolate
  • Very safe: harmless, benign, secure, protected, sheltered
  • Very same: identical, matching, indistinguishable, exact
  • Very sassy: impertinent, cheeky, insolent, disrespectful
  • Very scared: petrified, terrified, afraid, shaken, cowed, petrified, alarmed, frightened, nervous, startled, disturbed, apprehensive, daunted
  • Very scary: chilling, terrifying, shocking, horrifying, creepy, spooky, menacing, sinister
  • Very serious: grave, severe, worrying, acute, important, urgent, pressing, significant, thoughtful, profound
  • Very severe: acute, grave, critical, serious, brutal, relentless
  • Very sexy: seductive, steamy, provocative, erotic, sensual
  • Very shaky: tremulous, quaking, vibrating, unsteady
  • Very sharp: keen, honed, quick wited, astute, discerning, bitter, acidic, sudden, abrupt
  • Very shiny: gleaming, glossy, polished, lustrous, sparkling, glimmering, sleek, smooth, satiny
  • Very short: brief, quick, fleeting, momentary, concise, succinct, compact, abridged, diminutive, squat, tiny, abrupt, terse, curt, blunt, brusue, crumbly, direct, scarce, limited, insufficient, stubby, dwarf, petite
  • Very shy: timid, self conscious, bashful, reserved, coy, reticent, hesitant, backward, introverted, withdrawn
  • Very significant: key, noteworthy, momentous, major, vital
  • Very silky: sleek, smooth, satiny, glossy, lustrous, shiny
  • Very similar: alike, akin, analogous, comparable, equivalent
  • Very simple: basic, uncomplicated, coherent, straightforward, managable, unadorned, classic, naive, innocent, green, unsophisticated, humble, modest
  • Very slow: sluggish, sedate, plodding, creeping, snail-like
  • Very small: tiny, miniscule, infinitesimal, microscopic, wee
  • Very small: tiny, minute, slight, petite, miniature, teeny, initmate, close, young, immature, juvenile, minor, trivial, petty, foolish, stupid, meagre, scant, limited, insufficient, sparse, compact, short, miniscule, microscopic, wee
  • Very smooth: sleek, flush, glossy, silky, glassy, creamy, velvety, mellow, pleasant, flowing, calm, peaceful, suave, urbane
  • Very soft: malleable, yielding, spongy, muted, doughy
  • Very sorry: remorseful, repentant, penitent, contrite
  • Very sour: acerbic, tart, vinegary, biting, harsh, caustic
  • Very specific: precise, exact, explicit, definite, unambiguous
  • Very stinky: putrid, fetid, rank, rancid, putrescent, noxious
  • Very strange: weird, eerie, bizarre, uncanny, peculiar, odd
  • Very strict: stern, austere, severe, rigorous, harsh, rigid
  • Very strong: muscular, brawny, rugged, powerful, tough
  • Very stupid: idiotic, dense, vacuous, ridiculous, inane
  • Very substantial: considerable, significant, extensive, ample
  • Very successful: lucrative, productive, thriving, prosperous
  • Very sudden: unexpected, abrupt, precipitous, unforeseen
  • Very suitable: appropriate, fitting, seemly, proper, correct
  • Very sure: positive, persuaded, certain, convinced, absolute
  • Very suspicious: skeptical, distrustful, wary, guarded, leery
  • Very sweet: syrupy, sugary, honeyed, cloying, candied


  • Very tactile: touchable, palpable, physical, perceptible
  • Very tall: towering, lofty, multistory, soaring, statuesque
  • Very tame: docile, submissive, meek, compliant, subdued
  • Very tasty: delicious, yummy, flavorful, tempting
  • Very tempting: irresistible, enticing, tantalizing, alluring
  • Very tense: overwrought, rigid, taut, strained, agitated
  • Very terrible: dreadful, horrendous, horrific, shocking
  • Very thin: gaunt, scrawny, emaciated, haggard, skeletal
  • Very tired: exhausted, weary, spent, drained, fatigued, worn out, bored, stale, cliched
  • Very traditional: conventional, established, customary, habitual
  • Very treacherous: traitorous, disloyal, unfaithful, perfidious


  • Very ugly: hideous, revolting, repugnant, grotesque
  • Very unfair: unjust, bigoted, prejudiced, inequitable
  • Very unlikely: improbable, implausible, doubtful, dubious
  • Very unusual: abnormal, extraordinary, uncommon, unique
  • Very useful: expedient, effective, nifty, handy, valuable


  • Very valuable: precious, beneficial, prized, expensive, costly, priceless
  • Very violent: abusive, savage, barbarous, cutthroat, cruel
  • Very visible: conspicuous, exposed, obvious, prominent


  • Very warm: stifling, hot, sultry, sweltering, oppressive
  • Very wary: skeptical, suspicious, leery, vigilant, distrustful
  • Very weak: feeble, frail, delicate, debilitated, fragile, sickly
  • Very well: superb, fine, fabulous, all right, okay, good
  • Very wet: saturated, soaked, waterlogged, sopping
  • Very wicked: evil, sinful, villainous, nefarious, fiendish
  • Very wide: vast, expansive, sweeping, boundless, distended
  • Very widespread: extensive, pervasive, prevalent, rampant
  • Very wild: untamed, feral, unmanageable, uncontrollable
  • Very windy: roaring, blustery, turbulent, howling, wild
  • Very wise: sagacious, sage, astute, enlightened, shrewd
  • Very worried: distressed, distraught, overwrought, upset


  • Very young: undeveloped, fledgling, immature, budding


  • Very zealous: driven, ambitious, motivated, passionate